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Prescriptions -  With all of the new technologies that are coming on board in the agricultural environment controlling your own variable rate seeding and fertilizing is becoming easier for every farmer to do.  If you have the right equipment and a prescription, varying your own seed and fertilizer can be easy and save you time and money.

Everyone has heard of and/or is doing VRN (Varible Rate Nutriention) through their local coop or fertilizer company, what controlling your own variable rate offers is targeting the areas of the field that need help.

So far the main prescriptions farmers have been using are on a typical pivot when they want to plant through the corners without having to stop.  With a planting prescription this can be done, we just need to establish a field and pivot boundary, then we can create a prescription that will plant for irrigated population and a non irrigated population.  Some are also wanting to variable rate the planting population according to soil and elevation types, this can also be done, we just need a little bit more information.

We can also do prescriptions for fertilizer with all the same parameters.

Prescriptions do require certain technologies with your equipment.  Feel fill to contact us if you are not sure if your equipment can handle prescription.  We can tell you if it can, and if not suggest what you may need to be able to handle it.

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